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How to play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the path to a lot of money. How to Win Using Effective Strategies and Tactics

We would like to share with you the strategies and tactics of how to play the exciting Crazy Time online game. Crazy Time in an online casino is not just a game, you can really win here! If you play correctly, follow a certain algorithm, you can win a lot of money.

It is worth remembering that in the game Crazy Time it is quite possible that you will lose part of the deposit by making an incorrect bet. As a result, you will want to make even more money at high stakes, and in the end take a risk, betting everything on the coveted Crazy Time sector. And at this moment, loss is possible. To prevent these emotional steps from happening, we present our vision of the strategy and tactics of the Crazy Time game. This way you will be making money on Crazy Time betting.

The question arises - how, then, to properly dispose of the opportunity to win? How to enjoy playing Crazy Time slot online and win real money? For this, we have several options for strategy and tactics. We will tell you how to win, and you choose the one that suits you best.

It should be stipulated in advance that in the case of Crazy Time slot it is much more profitable to place bets on several sectors in order to maximize the winnings and reduce the risks.

  1. Strategy «Caution is the path to success»

    The first variant of the Crazy Time strategy. An option for those who do not want to worry too much. The goal is to increase the winnings gradually by following small steps. You will not win big money in a short time, but gradually, increase the size of the deposit over some time.

    The essence is this - to increase the probability of falling out on simple sectors x1, x2, x5, since the chance of falling on them in total is more than 75%. It turns out that in 2 games out of 3 we have the probability of hitting the minimum bet. This is winning strategy.


    Then the sector multiplier comes into play, which spins on the board at the top. Due to it, we will earn a large amount of winnings, which will lead us to an increase of money. It turns out that by betting 10 dollars on the sector x2, we get x7 from the sector multiplier and already have x14.

    Agree, a good winning bet in an online casino. Crazy Time in casino allows us to get more money into our account with the usual x2 bet.


    Yes, this is a long time and you need to play carefully, but in the end, with a minimum of risks, you will get an increase in your winnings and enjoy the game Crazy Time.

  2. The «Risk justifies the cost» strategy

    The essence of this tactic is that we try to get a win from the maximum number of sectors. We make the minimum bet on everything at once.

    First, make sure that your gaming account balance is sufficient for such Crazy Time tactics in an online casino. It should be noted that the main losses will be covered by small gains. This Crazy Time tactic is designed for more bets, which will lead to an increased chance of getting the bonus game. This is achieved due to the fact that bonus levels can gain multipliers up to x25000, and all the funds invested before that pay off. Let's face it, this is a more nervous strategy than the previous version, but the amount of the win will be noticeably higher.


  3. Strategy «Fortune loves the brave»

    The third variant of a successful strategy is how to win at Crazy Time. Take risks and hope that luck will be on your side in Crazy Time online game. This option is suitable for those who can afford it, that is, they are confident in their account and are not afraid of risks.

    We only bet a good amount of money on bonuse games, without spending deposits on small sectors, than we win back significant amounts. Many TIMES more than the rate. Bringing closer the coveted Crazy Time sector.

    What is noteworthy, in the very drawing of the Crazy half sector, we will be able to choose one of three indicators, which will allow us to increase our GUARANTEED winnings to the extent that our intuition suggested.

Conclusion about strategies and tactics in the game Crazy Time

We have proposed the basic strategies and tactics of the Crazy Time online game to win real money. It is up to you to choose which variant of strategy and tactics to use. We wish you all a good game at Crazy Time in online casino. Win and there is no one to get away beaten.